After Surgery

Wound Care 

  • Keep your dressing clean and dry, and leave this on for 2-3 days after surgery; if it is still draining, cover with a clean sterile dressing. Once draining has ceased, you may keep it open to air.
  • Some drainage is normal, if there is heavy bleeding, apply firm pressure and call Inspired Spine.
  • Leave steri strips (multiple small pieces of tape) on until they begin to fall off on their own.
  • It is safe for the incision to get slightly wet while taking a shower, avoid any direct pressure from the shower head and do not scrub the area. Lightly pat the site dry with a clean towel.
  • No baths, swimming pools, hot tubs or lakes until your one-month post-op appointment.


  • Wear brace and/or collar when out of bed and walking around. 
  • Make frequent position changes, taking breaks as needed. 
  • DO NOT do the same activity for more than 2 hours. 
  • NO climbing, crawling, kneeling or over the shoulder activities.  

B. L. T. 

Remember this acronym "BLT"

Do not BEND, LIFT more than 8 lbs or TWIST. We would like you to keep your back (hips to shoulders) as straight as possible during the healing process.


Back pain is expected after surgery and may not be 100% alleviated by prescriptions. It is common to experience a temporary increase of pain down one or both of your legs. Stool softeners are recommended for constipation from pain medications. Use the prescription refill line for refill requests: 612-474-4993. We require 3 business days to process prescription requests.

Further instructions regarding Restrictions and Return to Work status will be discussed at your one-month post-op appointment.